'Let me go, I don't wanna be your hero'.

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Harass my muse! Anon or not: Ask them hard questions! Bother them about their relationships! Try and make them hot and bothered! Make them cry! Pretend to be their future kids! Anything goes!

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keotea: ah i published the ask publicly because its a playlist ask because i get it often haha but in case you didnt see on your tracked tags its "July - Somewhere" and you can find it on youtube ^^ have a nice day!

omg sorry for my mistake >< and thank you, i loved this song ♥ so cutie  ♥

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Anonymous: My ass itches
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ceasethecunt: I am reblogging so much from you. LOL it's probably unhealthy. Adorable blog though :-))

omg thank you ~ idk if it’s a confession, but anyway, I’m really glad to hear that and feel free, please! +ff ~ welcome ♥ 

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